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Agencies, developers, freelancers and teams all use Know! to stay informed on the state of projects.

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What does it do?

Know! is a Web application that allows you to create status boards to communicate project information. Know! isn't a replacement for your project management system—it's a tool to connect people to projects with a powerful system that's easy to maintain.

Know! works great for projects as modest as a 3-page website or as elaborate as keeping thousands of customers informed about a major product release. It works seamlessly with Basecamp along with scores of other benefits. Watch our video to learn more.


Who is it for?

Know! is ideal for agencies, freelancers, developers, designers, educators, event planners, teams, entrepreneurs, and virtually anyone who manages projects and needs to share their status.

Plans & Pricing

Feature Basic Plan Unlimited Plan
Active (Published) Boards No Limit No Limit
Users No Limit No Limit
Export Boards to Excel or PDF white_check white_check
Update Notifications (Email, RSS) white_check white_check
Private Boards (password required to view) white_check white_check
Export Boards as Project Timelines -- white_check
Basecamp Integration* -- white_check

*The ability to import your Basecamp Project and Milestone data directly into boards requires a Basecamp account.

$9/month $19/month

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